Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Second Video

Here is my second video--enjoy! (It's about 4 minutes...)


Unknown said...

This was really powerful for me, Nicole. At first I was annoyed as crescendoing animal noises tend to grate on me quickly, and I was focusing so much on that. But as the video built up colors I could see the earth, then when the video turned, I started to understand I think. Then I was embarrassed I was annoyed and then I felt the sorrow. Awesome work.

Dana M. Larsen said...

Nicole -

Having been an earth science professional for many years I loved this video's molting of colors and the reversal of time demonstrated. This video offers inspiration to geologists and hydrologists on what water and time can do to earth's formations.
The message I recieved strongly was how fragile sustainability really is.

I hope to see more of this type of excellent video!

Dana M. Larsen (Mom)

Nicole M. Gibbs said...

Thanks, Mom. :-)

Nicole M. Gibbs said...

Thanks, Shawna! I think the annoyance factor is part of it for me. I wanted to create a crescendo (perfect word) of activity that becomes almost violent or menacing, like the creation that the brush is making is about to bust out of control. But then the reversal of time shows that ultimately the control still lies with the brush.

It's so rewarding for me to hear people's responses so that I can figure out if I'm getting close.

jennifer lee said...

i watched the video without sound and loved it. thank you for yet another reminder of how to stop and enjoy life's exceptional simplicity. i was captivated the whole way through.

Talia Shabtay said...

I Love it!