Thursday, March 20, 2008

2nd Quarter Review

On March 11, I had my second quarter review. My committee, which consists of Todd Slaughter (, Ann Hamilton ( and Laura Lisbon (, met with me for nearly two hours to discuss my work and progress in the program. It was really good and intense, and I feel like I've got some new fodder with which to work. They encouraged me to work on the taxonomy and language of what I am doing, as I haven't quite figured out how to put words to the process I'm engaged in. Also, my museum background in some ways becomes a crutch because I have freedom in the experimentation with materials, but when it comes to presenting them, I tend to fall into conventional exhibition methods. Again, lots of good things to think about, and I will be rewriting my artist statement as a beginning to put language to my work.

Here's a slideshow of my 2nd quarter review work:

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Reuben said...

WOW, I am speechless! Your work has changed and grown so much. I'm amazed at how prolific you've been. It seems that you are really in your element now. I'm happy for you! You are an amazing artist!
(Willa and I miss you bunches!)