Saturday, March 1, 2008

My first video

I am just finishing my video class this quarter, and this was the first video I did. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Would it be okay to ask for more words about this video, I think I need help understanding.

Dana M. Larsen said...

Nicole -

Looks like Steven Speilberg may have some competition in the years to come...I like the simple art forms and how you gave them an automated sense of life.

Good Job on Your First Video!
Dana M. Larsen (Mom)

Nicole M. Gibbs said...

Of course, it's okay! :-) I've been really interested in draping fabric and paper to create a dynamic space under a piece. When I started to make a lot of these draped paper forms, I saw that they responded to air flow, and they became somewhat anthropomorphized. So I decided to really experiment with activating them by waving a board to generate a lot of air flow. They started to move like crabs, tumbleweeds, grasses--I loved the variety of movements. The section of white on brown in the center of the video is a sped-up version of experiments I've been doing with salt-saturated water and a heat gun. The video is, in many ways, an experiment in how to present these other experiments. Does that help? (Thanks for your interest, Shawna!!!) :-)

Talia Shabtay said...

It's great to see you experimenting with the video medium. It seems like it could be useful to you as a tool for LOOKING at and the physical materials you are working with. In this piece the paper forms and salt water become performers- the video gives them a space to perform, act out, try on personalities, identities, slip away, and transform. But the video can be replayed.. the video doesn't get to slip away. It might be that the video remains a tool in your practice, one that maybe leads you to exploring the potential of your materials to take on increased depth and breadth of roles in real time/space.