Saturday, January 10, 2009

Drawing Stack

Over the summer I was making a lot of little drawings. These drawings were sitting in a plastic ziploc bag for several weeks. I decided to try to find some way to connect all of the drawings together into one piece. I ending up sewing them together, and this is the result. I originally had it hanging at a conventional, eye-level height, but when I brought it into the gallery, I decided to hang it very high. It was hung high enough that the only way to view it was to look at it through binoculars. I had the binoculars just hanging around--not right next to the piece--so the viewers had to want to see it closer and take the initiative to find a way. Looking through the lens becomes a moving frame, meaning that the viewer decides what part specifically he or she wants to see and moves the binoculars to frame that view. (I have to still take a photo of someone looking at it with binoculars...soon!)

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